Pinch of Cumin
  • Somen noodles with veggies and salmon
  • σπανακοτυρόπιτα (Greek spinach & cheese pie)
  • Japanese style cheesecake
  • Parmesan, pinenut & olive cookies
  • Chick pea paté (the famous “hummus”)
  • Ramen noodles and fish soup
  • Vietnamese spring rolls with rice paper
  • Banana & coconut muffins (with a cocoa powder touch)
  • Pain d’épices (French spiced bread)
  • Vegetables fritatta
  • Cinnamon rice with cranberries and saffron
  • Japanese style chicken with somen noodles
  • Cha soba noodles with veggies and honey chicken
  • White chocolate & mint muffins
  • Meatballs in curry sauce
  • Baba ganoush (or aubergine pâté)
  • Easy apple pie
  • Grape and walnut rice
  • Roasted chicken with rosemary and lemon sauce
  • Decorated cookies (first attempt)
  • Homemade bacon and mushroom pizza
  • Caraway seed & orange dust braided sweet bread
  • Easy blueberry & blackberry pie
  • Turkey breast with crystallized cinnamon apple
  • Avocado, chocolate & almond muffins
  • Aubergine sticks with yogurt sauce
  • Home-made gazpacho step by step
  • Blueberry muffins
  • Maple syrup salmon
  • Chocolate custard with citrus fruit’s cloud
  • Lime and melon rice salad
  • Banana and ginger muffins
  • Mint roasted chicken with yogurt sauce
  • Mini cinnamon rolls
  • Radish salad with yogurt dressing
  • Strawberry muffins
  • Thai pinneaple fried rice
  • Easy catalonian cream
  • Turkey breast with lime and sweet corn
  • Raspberry almond muffins
  • Moroccan salad with fried lemon and parsley
  • Spiced egg custard with a touch of orange
  • Basmati rice with sharkayisa sauce
  • Puff pastry hearts
  • Cold cream of cantaloupe melon
  • Roasted chicken with basil and cherry tomatos
  • Arugula & cranberries salad with caramelized sunflower seeds
  • Crunchy muffins with linseed
  • Baklava
  • Cinnamon apple compote dessert
  • Basmati rice with coconut and cashews
  • Vanilla Strawberry souffle
  • Grilled trout with sour orange jam sauce
  • Grapefruit and lime muffins
  • Spinach salad with strawberries and avocado
  • Chocolate and hazelnut cookies
  • Madras curry turkey with wild rice
  • Poppy seed and hazelnut muffins
  • Creamy mushroom soup with roquefort cheese
  • Strawberries in infused balsamic vinegar with spiced yogurt
  • Sweet and sour pork with vegetables
  • Grandma’s style milk rice
  • Spinach, tomato and mushroom quiche
  • Caramelized salmon in a reduction of soy sauce
  • Cheesecake with homemade blackberry jam
  • Lamb’s lettuce salad with dried marinated tomatoes
  • Mint and coriander cous cous
  • Hazelnut sponge cake

Somen noodles with veggies and salmon

Published 08/12/2013 at 17:32 - 1 Comment

Going back to good habits and to my interest for Japanese cuisine, today I bring you a very complete recipe, that returns dead to life.
In case anyone doesn’t know it yet, […]

σπανακοτυρόπιτα (Greek spinach & cheese pie)

Published 26/10/2013 at 21:19 - No Comments

I publish this recipe in honor of two good friends, thanks to whom I travelled to Greece for my first time due to their wedding. Sofía is Greek and Carlos is Spanish, and […]

Japanese style cheesecake

Published 14/10/2013 at 19:33 - No Comments

What to say about this appealing sweet, apart that it is delicious? All I can say is not enough, but I am going to start from the beginning. It turns out that some […]

Parmesan, pinenut & olive cookies

Published 06/10/2013 at 19:52 - No Comments

It has been a while since the last time I cooked an interesting fast starter’s recipe. Today’s is extremely irresistible, it’s just taking them out from the oven and starting to see them […]

Chick pea paté (the famous “hummus”)

Published 22/09/2013 at 16:25 - 3 Comments

After a blog-stop due to holidays, removal, workload and vital reorganization in general, here I come with two of my favorite hobbies combined in this recipe: share my culinary great feats and explore […]

Ramen noodles and fish soup

Published 10/03/2013 at 11:46 - No Comments

One more adventure in Asian Cooking, this time with white fish and directly brought from the last cook thick book that I got, in a trip to Bristol last year (Complete Asian Cookbook). […]

Vietnamese spring rolls with rice paper

Published 03/03/2013 at 9:44 - 2 Comments

Vietnamese cooking, the great unknown. Traditionally included in the same bag of Asiatic food -to which of course it belongs-, many people don’t know that it is considered Asia’s purest cooking, due to […]

Banana & coconut muffins (with a cocoa powder touch)

Published 24/02/2013 at 19:48 - No Comments

It has been a while since my last famous muffin’s recipe, so not to lose the habit, here you have another turn of the screw.  Since I have brought my toaster from Madrid (it […]

Pain d’épices (French spiced bread)

Published 10/02/2013 at 19:35 - No Comments

We continue with international cuisine saga with one of my favorite French buns, spiced sweet bread. I have been buying it for a while, trying different versions and brands and observing it carefully until […]

Vegetables fritatta

Published 03/02/2013 at 10:50 - 1 Comment

Greetings to you all already from Switzerland.  What an intense and non-stopping vacaction I have had, but I have to say that if you have had a good time, you have nothing to […]

Cinnamon rice with cranberries and saffron

Published 13/01/2013 at 15:56 - 2 Comments

First of all, and although a bit late: happy 2013 to you all! This Christmas break has been everything but relaxed, I have not stopped at all for a single minute. In fact […]

Japanese style chicken with somen noodles

Published 11/12/2012 at 19:31 - 2 Comments

Where to start… after some days of absence, here I come with another one of my oriental experiments, now that I have found a place where to stock up on not very common […]

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